PM Reef Bond

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PM Reef Bond to connect rocks or corals permanet to the needed spot. Easy to use and build up your dream scape. Especially designed for aquascaping in saltwater tanks. Easy bonding for decorations like pillars, caves or plateaus and any arrangements of rock forms. The bond is based on a quick setting powder principle. Mixing ratio 1:3 (Water : Reef Bond) PM Reef Bond is perfectly suited for bonding dry rock outside the tank. A use under water is also possible, but please note that in a pre-stocked aquarium only small quantities of rock should be processed at once, due to a temporary increase of the pH value.

Packaging contains 1000 g of PM Reef Bond.

Our bond is:
  • Free of noxious substances
  • Reef safe
  • Permanent hold
  • Quick-setting
  • Saltwater resistent



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